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How to buy..


Come effettuare un acquisto

Per buy any item it's necessary:

1) To select the items adding to cart
2) Fill the form with all request data
3) Read the "terms of sale"
4) After the data send, you will recived 2 email's:
- Proposal of order with the data you insert and the items added to cart. In this emails all
prices are tax and shipment excluded.
- In one-two days, a second email with all data concerning availability, expected shipment time,
a link to paypal circuit, the data to allow a bank trasnfer, and the total cost (tax and shipment costs included) .

To pay, there are two methods:

1) By the Paypal link included into the email, that confirm the order. In this way it's possible also to pay using all
common cradit cards.
It's not necessary to have any Paypal account to use it.

2) By Bank money transfer using the data included in the confirm order email.

Following there are the terms of sale:


Coban s.r.l located in Caronno Pertusella (VA),
Via Bergamo 1910, P.Iva 02660110129, owner of www.dalichip.com site, following called "Vendor",
project and products electronic equipments

The online shop on dalichip.com is made with following rules:

All prices, are showed in Euros, and are always Tax and shipment costs excluded.

The effective available of items are confirmed by a following email, with prices and way of payment.
In case of temporaly "out of stock" will be noted in that email with expected time of delivery.
The order reception it's confirmed by vendor by a e-mail (Order Propose) that will have all data writed by customer.
The customer must to check that all data are correct and, eventually, make the correction informing the vendor by email.
Following the "Order Propose" the customer will recive another email with: the total cost (tax and shipment included),
the expected delivery time of items, the methods to pay.

Payments can be made by 2 different Methods:

a. Paypal circuit
The email will report a direct link to paypal circuit. In this way also credit cards are accepted.
Note: No any Paypal account is necessary to make the payment

b. Bank money transfer
By informations in the email

The order will be handled only after payment note reception.
This must to be placed within 10 days from email reception. After that time the order will be deleted.

5. SHIPMENTS costs by express courier(examples)
Italy: €20.00
Europe (EEC): €54.00
Not EEC: €70.00

At the moment of items reception, the customer must to check number of items, state of items.
In case of damages or wrong items number the customer have to check immediatly with the express curier.

wHILE place a order, customer need to accept all "terms of sale", and to write in the order the
exact address, Company or personal Name, VAT number (if company).

Communications and notifies from cursomer could be sended by e-mail to ordini@dalichip.com

To have the invoice the customer must to inform the vendor about correct VAT number.

The customer can cancel the order within 10 days from date of items reciptions, but only in case of private buyers.
To cancel the customer need to inform by email the vendor,confirm by postal letter (within 48h) and wait the confirmation and the instructions.

Postal Address:
Coban s.r.l.
Via Bergamo 1910
21042 Caronno Pertusella (VA)

The items must to be in the original envelop, in perfect conditions without any damage or violation.
All shipment expenses must to be payed by customer.

12 Mesi

Per ogni controversia che dovesse insorgere in relazione al presente contratto il Foro competente è quello di Varese

All personal data will be trated conforming to art.13 of 675/96 law.

Coban s.r.l. inform the user that:

1) Personal data will be recorded on protects elecronics mediarti elettronici protetti and will be handled by Coban s.r.l.
only to communicate news or products informations, to allow the order of them or to send commercial informations and offer.

2) Personal data will be not communicated to external subject the Coban s.r.l
3) Conforming to art. 13 law 675/96, the user can:
a - to know if there's some personal data concerning;
b - to be informed regarding the art.7, comma 4, letter a), b) and h);
c - to delete all personal data from all archivies and data storage
d - to modify or add all personal data.
e - to oppose to use of them.
4) Some data (signed by * on forms) are needed to complete the items orders. Without it will be not possible
to complete the orders.

5) Coban s.r.l located in Caronno Pertusella (VA) -Italy - v.Bergamo 1910 is the data traitment holder.

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